Marc Aeron Reyes (Numbuh 10.15.1.) is the 12-year-old leader of Sector RA of the Philippine Kids Next Door. He is best known as the love interest of Marie Mel Ordonez, and the only boy known to be part of Sector M, like Flynn Alcaraz in Sector R and Rainier Narboneta in Sector RB.

His first scheduled appearance as a minor character is in the pilot, KND Operation: DELIGHTFUL, and isn't seen again as of further notice. He, along with the rest of the Philippine Kids Next Door, is rumored to be seen as background characters in the upcoming Fanfiction. However his and his sector's appearance is delayed because of the story's cancellation.


Aeron has two brothers in the KND, who are still cadets under Numbuh 60's watchful eye.

  • Maryline Reyes - Mother
  • Arturo Reyes - Father
  • Marc Aedrian Reyes - Brother
  • Unnamed Reyes sibling - Brother