Amer Azmi Rohazam is an Asian boy who lives in Malaysia, a multi-cultural multi-religious Muslim-majority country where people are free to perform their basic religious duties. He also joins Luna and Applejack as one of the two Squirrely Scouts who were missing and were never heard from again. He joins the Kids Next Door, and is head chief of the Lion Leaf Squad.

Personality Edit

Amer is friendly, nice and kind towards everyone, but he's a rageholic. When someone bothers him, he goes ballisitc pretty quickly, and when something makes him angry, he goes ballistic as well. However, he cares about his fellow scouts and will do anything in his power to save them, as he understands the rules that were spelled out in the Camp Scout C Handbook Manual. He spends most of his time in his tent or cabin, reading the manual. He is the head of the Lion Leaf Squad and one of three missing scouts of Camp Scout C and The Squirrely Scouts. Camp Scout C has eight missing scouts while the Squirrely Scouts have 3 missing scouts.

Relationships Edit

The Lion Leaf Squad Edit

As the leader of the Lion Leaf Squad, Amer ensures that his troops are well prepared for any situation, no matter big or small. He's led the group through tough times, and has been the source of inspiration for all Lion Leaf Squad members.

Lovely Sweetheart Edit

Lovely is one of Amer's friends, and is one of the main members of Sector V.

Weapons Edit

Astro Gun (Primary)