Ashley 0 3

Ashley, Delightfulized by Father.

Numbuh 0.3 (Ashley) was a girl operative that was part of the missing Sector Z. She was captured by Father in a battle and later became a member of the Delightful Children from Down the Lane after being Delightfulized.

Numbuh 0.3 was briefly recommissioned by Numbuh 0 (Monty Uno) in Operation Z.E.R.O..



Father (dad (SmashBrosNextDoor's)), Bruce (brother (SmashBros)), Nikka (shadow), Lee Andrew (son (Gameverse)), Leanne Andrea (daughter) Marth, Chrom and Lucina (Ancestors, SmashBros Universe)




Father (formerly), David, Lenny, Ogie, Sector V, Sector L1, Rachel, Fanny, Sector W, Flordeluna


Sector V (formerly), Sector L1 (formerly), Rachel (formerly), Fanny (formerly), Father, Mr. Boss, Count Spankulot, Gramma Stuffum, Knightbrace, Mr. Wink and Mr. Fibb, Common Cold, Stickybeard, Claw Girls Team




USA, Earth




Umbrella swordsman, tactics officer

Good or Bad?

Good (recommissioned and reformed)

Hair and eye color:

Yellow hair, dark-blue eyes (pale blue when delightfulized)

Ashley cont.


Videogames, teasing her brother Bruce, KND, Rainbow Monkeys


Villains, being delightfulized, game remakes for Virtual Console

Other names:

Sissy (Bruce), Numbuh 0.3, crazy one, Ash


Breaking Delightfulization, helping KND

Voice actor:

Jennifer Hale

First appearance:

KND - Operation: C.A.K.E.D. (2002)






In Gamewizard's and Numbuh 6.13's universe, her name is Ashley Sommers. In Operation: DUTCHMAN, Ashley was revealed to have been taken into Davy Jones' crew, along with her friends, meeting Eva Roberts aboard the Flying Dutchman. They were eventually rescued when Eva defeated Jones, and Kyogre brought them to life.

In Operation DUSK, it was revealed Ashley was a shadowbender, and she named her shadow Nikka.

Nextgen Series

In the future, Ashley is married to David and has two kids, Lee Andrew and Leanne Andrea Grayson.

In Operation: FAIL, Ashley is playing Hyrule Warriors 2 when Lee comes and asks to play with her. She allows him, but he is easily beaten by Technoblins, which Ashley wipes out in seconds before asking Lee what's wrong. He explains how he messed everything up, to which Ashley replies that she doesn't mind his failure, and he should be happy he has friends to play with, even if they beat him at stuff. She tells him to go upstairs and make up with them before deciding to play Yoshi's Story on Virtual Console. When she makes a false move, she gets angry at the game and rants about how N64 remakes on the Virtual Console (only at $4.99) suck.

SmashBrosNextDoor's Universe

She was permanently recommissioned by Kirby, Jigglypuff and Tiff in SmashBrosNextDoor's universe. She has a crush on David.



Ashley-Numbuh 0.3

Ashley, free from the effects of Delightfulization and as a KND operative.

During her Delightfulized state, Ashley was nearly toneless and a perfect obedient child, but as an operative, she was a fierce warrior. In the future, Ashley is shown to be a wild gamegirl, loving to get high scores and beat enemies in games, and getting angry when she makes a false move.

In SmashBrosNextDoor's universe, her personality is similar to Kuki's. But she is more wild and tomboyish. Bruce is also her older brother. Even though she loves her sibling, she loves to tease him a lot, stating he needs to have more fun and excitement as a KND operative. She is great friends with Kuki, Jigglypuff, Kirby, Tiff and Eevee.


Ashley wielded an umbrella sword as an operative, and judging by her skill at Hyrule Warriors, she must be a proficient swordsman. Otherwise, Ashley is a shadowbender of unknown skill.


For both the canon universe and SmashBrosNextDoor's universe, Ashley is voiced by Jennifer Hale.