"I am a ship, la la la la, so fun to be a ship, doo doo doo doo." - Big Ma'am

The Big Ma'am (originally from One Piece) is the main ship of the Big Mom Pirates. It is possessed by a giant singing face on its keel, which is actually a Nightmare creature that can possess any object without a face.

Nextgen SeriesEdit

The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass - Ghost Ship Battle

The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass - Ghost Ship Battle

Big vs. Small

In The Great Candied Adventure, the Big Ma'am drives across the neighborhoods of Cleveland, squishing many houses, and afterwards bombards the city with cannons. It leaves after Big Mom sends her message to the Kids Next Door. Later, the Big Ma'am chases the Raccoon Pirates on their Sunny Day, but they manage to outrun it when Sir Knightly accidentally destroys the mast.


The ship looks like a gigantic, luscious colorful cake with chocolate icing. It has three sails: the bottom, biggest has the Big Moms' Jolly Roger, the center, white sail has big black letters that read ‘BIG MOM’. The top sail has a golden crown, which looks like Princess Peach’s. The ship has many large sweets sticking out from the top, including a giant pink cake, and its keel has a white, smiling face with a big mouth, which is actually the Nightmare controlling the vessel. The ship is also very massive in general, at least 20 times the size of a regular ship.


The face is a rather carefree creature who loves to sing about being a ship. It thinks all of the people lower than it to be cute, and sings about squishing the tiny people when it has to.