• IloGaming4


    April 30, 2019 by IloGaming4

    this is a test

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  • Gamewizard2008

    With the Four Pirate Empires steadily growing with more members, I’ve made this journal to list all the crews’ members, separating them by crew and division, while listing their ranks. It may be a helpful list for people to remember who belongs where (including myself XD). This list will include some pirates who haven’t been seen (except in the case of spoilers).

    This list also contains the prisoners held captive by the Four Emperors.

    Territory: Sweetopia

    Each major member in the Big Mom Pirates is a Minister of a province in Sweetopia, regardless of their rank in the crew.

    Ship: Queen Mama Chanter

    Former ship: Big Ma’am

    Sherbet Linlin – Emperor, Queen of Sweetopia, a Titan, 120 billion

    Goomnut – Royal Adviser, Minister of Nuts, a Goomba

    Charlotte L…

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  • Doctor Patrick

    Hi, everyone! Today, I'm going to review the Season 7 episodes written by Chachingchaching. First, I'm going to write my review down, and then, I'm going to rate the epusodes with my own rating scale. I currently know of 4 episodes, so I'm going to rate them.

    My rating scale is:

    PERFECT! (13/13)

    Amazing (12/13)

    Superb (11/13)

    Terrific (10/13)

    Great (9/13)

    Good (8/13)

    Decent (7/13)

    Meh (6/13)

    Weak (5/13)

    Poor (4/13)

    Bad (3/13)

    Terrible (2/13)

    Horrendous (1/13)

    SCUM NEXT DOOR! (0/13)

    With that said, let's look at the episodes themselves:

    Operation E. V. I. L

    This is possibly the best episode of the season, and for good reason. The entire episode has a great atmosphere, mostly because half of it takes place in space. It is also really exciting considering that…

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  • Gamewizard2008

    The Gameverse has four distinct categories of superpowers: element bending, magic, metahumans, and martial arts. Bending is my favorite of course, because it involves close bonds with nature. The series has a good balance of benders and nonbenders, but even nonbenders have a favorite element!


    So, this journal will list a bunch of nonbenders and briefly explain what elements they would be good with. And I’m not just limiting it to Nextgen Kids!


    Old Sector V

    ·      Hoagie P. Gilligan – Airbending (he’s a pilot, loves flying)

    o   Ace/The Kid and Augustus Fizzuras – Airbending (same reason)

    ·      Kuki Sanban – Firebending

    o   Hold on, Gamewizard, didn’t Kuki have firebending in the actual show? The answer is, yes, and her bending is canon to the Game…

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  • Gamewizard2008

    Heroes of the Gameverse

    September 24, 2018 by Gamewizard2008

    This blog will be about protagonists! In almost every series, protagonists (or MC) are those special people who get everything and the world revolves around them. XD One of the unique facts about the Gameverse is how, even though individual stories and arcs have a protagonist, there’s never one ultimate protagonist. I suppose the closest would be Cheren, but he’s never the central character in every single case. By giving major importance to multiple people, never shouldering the burden on any one person, I sort of make everyone feel equal… to an extent.

    Anyway, today I’ll be discussing the most major protagonists of the Gameverse. Take note I’ll only be discussing the heroes of major stories and not short stories, unless the characters in …

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  • Gamewizard2008

    Have you ever seen that anime where the characters seem so overpowered that you question why there’s a conflict and why they can’t easily resolve it? …Yes, that’s the one. XD It’s not exactly wrong to make your characters too powerful as long as they’re still likeable or relatable (although it’s easier to relate to them if they’re on a low tier of power). And even if strong villains are their forte, you should still give them some kind of conflict or internal growth.

    A lot of members of the Nextgen Kids Next Door easily fall into this category, and those same kids are often considered the Trump Cards of their sector. So, today I’ll be discussing the strongest Nextgen Kids and shedding light on their weaknesses to make them seem a little les…

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  • Gamewizard2008

    I'm gonna be level with you guys: I'm sort of having a hard time... getting into Araea's Mask. For a couple reasons. The first reason is that, as you know, it's a Zelda story. My last Zelda story was Operation: MASKED, and that took me eight months to write. 2/3's of a year. Because, in my quest to make it like a real Zelda adventure, I wrote out long and lengthy levels and dungeons with puzzles and complex bosses. I even threw in a few side quests (albeit short ones). And I would like to achieve the same thing with Araea's Mask. Now, granted, that story had 7 dungeons, and I was going to give Araea's Mask 5 dungeons, but it would still be a lot of work when trying to chuck in side quests. Like, the side quests would have no relevance to the grand sch…

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  • Gamewizard2008

    I know it's been 9 days since New Years, but better late than never. Anyway, 2017 was a fantastic year! Not only did we see the completion of Fairy Tail and the Seven Lights Saga, but 2017 was the Revival of 3-D Collectathons! We had games like Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, Yooka-Laylee, and A Hat in Time! With games like that, hopefully 3-D games can be returned to their roots! (Now, if only the same could be said of Paper Mario.) Anyway, here's hoping to another great year with 2018!

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  • Gamewizard2008

    Monochrome Kiss is a song written by Sid and used as the first opening to Black Butler. In the Gameverse, it serves as the intro to The Horrorverse. (This is also my 2nd trailer for a Newborn Era story.)


    The lyrics were actually copied from a fan-made English version that you can find here.



    Lyrics and Animations:


    Black clouds drift by the full moon as it morphs into a jack-o-lantern. A hand with an eye on its palm clasps the moon, revealing Affright’s glare behind it, and darkness washes over the earth. Nolan York looks up with a glare, half his body shadowed, and that half transforms into a smirking Revan Bane.


    I close my eyes


    The touch of your fingers


    Through monochrome


    The memory lingers



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  • Gamewizard2008

    Hello, faithful Gameverse fans! I hope you enjoyed the finale of the Seven Lights Saga, because you’re about to get sneak peeks of new stories to come! Behold, the first trailer for the Newborn Era.


    A bright sun highlighted a cloudless sky. The vast ocean was a mirror image of the heavens. Seagulls chirped and glided along the waves. A great sail with the image of crossing swords guided the ship over the endless sea. The Jolly Roger flapped in the wind; it depicted a triangle with crossbones through its open center.


    A boy of golden hair and clad in green rode the keel with joy plastered on his features. He looked back at a dark-skinned girl with gold hair in a bun, who returned the smile. Their crew was hard at work keeping the ship afloat…

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  • Gamewizard2008

    So, in case anyone's wondering where I've been, well Zelda: Breath of the Wild has me. It is so good. There's almost no boundaries and there's so many things to do and places to explore. I can't look at other Zelda games the same way again. ...Well, I have a few gripes with it; it has no proper dungeons or unique bosses, and exploring can be a bit tedious... but it is SO realistic, it's lovely! But I think I'm nearly done with the game, so hopefully production can resume soon.

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  • Gamewizard2008

    Sanctuary is a song written by Utada Hikaru and was used as the opening for Kingdom Hearts II. In the Gameverse, it serves as the opening for Seven Lights: The Last.

    Here’s a link to the song:

    Lyrics and Animation:

    The sun rises over the ocean as Sheila Frantic stands aboard the Sunny Day, smiling at it. The camera fades to Haruka sipping tea on a backyard table, Maddy facing out a Newbase window, Wendy racing across a grass field, and Sugar singing on a neon stage—they all wore their post-timeskip clothes. The scene faded to Cheren Uno on the keel of the Noah, having not aged at all. Nebula appeared beside him, and one by one, so did his other fr…

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  • Gamewizard2008

    Color Splash!

    October 10, 2016 by Gamewizard2008

    So lately, I've been addicted to the game, Paper Mario: Color Splash! It's a super fun game with creative levels and puzzles, but it's not on par with the original Paper Mario series.

    Check out my Let's Play if you have time.

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  • Gamewizard2008

    Sporcle Quizzes

    September 24, 2016 by Gamewizard2008

    I recently discovered this site called Sporcle and I set up some quizzes for it!

    Here's one about the Gameverse Nextgen sectors.

    Here's one for Gameverse stories!

    Nextgen Series battle matches:

    Operation: MASKED items:

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  • Gamewizard2008

    Well guys, I’m in the mood for another Gameverse Sins segment! Some of you might question why I actually do these… I dunno why, it’s just kind of fun to point out the flaws in my stories… It’s funny in its own way. X) Anyway, here’s the Viridi Saga. Definitely Nextgen’s “developing” stages.


    Everything Wrong With the Viridi Saga


    First Day


    “Heh heh heh.” Nolan chuckled, putting a hand on his son’s shoulder. “Son… I named you and your shadow after two of the greatest operatives the Kids Next Door’s ever had. I wouldn’t’ve done that if I didn’t think you would become just as good, if not greater, than they were.”


    No, you named your son after a dead guy and a crippled guy, neither of which went down in legend like Nigel Uno or Rachel. In fact, …

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  • CT-4428

    Due to workload and other issues on my plate, I've been thinking of downsizing the Legends Universe, mainly axing the Numbuh C4 and Numbuh 322 stories and maybe one Numbuh 832 story. The stories that I've already begun I'll finish and anything else I wanted to tell will be folded into other stories.

    Numbuh 9-Lives, Numbuh 2030, Kids Next Door and The Prospectors will be unaffected by this decision.


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  • Gamewizard2008

    Welcome to another installment of “Everything Wrong With Gameverse”! Today, we’re gonna do the Firstborn Prequels, which include the one-shots and short stories!


    Everything Wrong With the Firstborn Prequels


    “Er…Nolan?” Dillon could barely speak or get up.
    “Uh…buses…suck.” His eyes closed and he fainted. Nolan felt around for a heartbeat or a pulse.


    This scene is about as sad and random as when Brian died. (1)


    “I guess it’s true when they say that looks aren’t everything.” Danika told Chad. “Even the cute ones are being cast aside. I bet you never even found a girlfriend.”
    “Well, actually, I didn’t.”
    “I figured as much.” she replied, standing next to him. “Ever consider getting one?” she smirked.


    All this scene does is set up a crappy i…

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  • Gamewizard2008

    Hello, Gameverse fans! In acknowledgement of the 5th anniversary for my great series, I have whipped up a Q&A for a few unexplained notes or trivia regarding my series. If anyone else has any good questions, I may add them to the list. For now, I’ll throw out some ones I thought up.

     Also, here's a song to get you pumped up while reading this! ;D


    So, is the primary background behind the Irken Empire’s “War on Childhood” really canon?? Like, that scene with Emperor Irk and stuff?

    As a matter of fact, it isn’t! ;D At least, not entirely. I mean, the Irken adults were so mad at the kids, they decided to wage war on all kids in the universe? Even on the old KND terms, it’s pretty silly. That entire prologue from Operation: GALACSIA was told from N…

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  • Gamewizard2008

    Lol so I’ve been getting into CinemaSins’ Everything Wrong With series, and I just had to make one of the Gameverse. :P I’ll start with fan-favorite, Operation: GALACSIA. (Beware of spoilers.)

    Everything Wrong With Operation: GALACSIA

    The last of these creatures was unlike the group of aliens. It had a snow white body with a star-shaped head. The star on its head was yellow and had small, blue ribbons

    For some reason, Jirachi from Pokémon is friends with the Wisps from Sonic Colors. Crossovers can’t get any more random than this, can they? (1)

    The monster was at least 5 stories tall. It had a blue upper body and a red, furry lower body. It had yellow eyes, brown hair and beard, a devil tail, and yellow horns. It looked somewhat like a minotaur…

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  • DC2011

    KND Universe: Cut Chapter

    December 18, 2014 by DC2011

    He doesn’t know where he is when he wakes. He doesn’t know how he feels when he moves. The sight of his hands now foreign to him. Nigel Uno was completely and utterly lost, worn down, exhausted. Every train of thought ending in a wreck of fractured glimpses. Words would form beneath his tongue only to fall short and collapse, unable to make the journey beyond the ridged white teeth.

    For most of his life, Nigel Uno had been involved in some sort of conspiracy, some sort of lie. He dedicated every waking moment of his life for the past three years fighting out in the cold depths of space, serving those whom he’d come to believe to be benevolent overseers. Only but brief moments ago had he stood his ground and fought with one whom he’d thought…

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  • Gamewizard2008


    December 13, 2014 by Gamewizard2008

    Yeah, it's another one of those blog posts. Hands down, it's a once-a-lifetime thing, this will never happen again in a hundred years. So 12-13-14 all the way, baby.

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  • Gamewizard2008

    The Universe Reborn!

    November 22, 2014 by Gamewizard2008

    So today I just got Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U (but that's a stupid name, so I'll forever call it Super Smash Bros. Universe!). Really didn't expect it to be out this soon, but since Seven Lights will be coming out on January, I guess it's for the occassion! =/ Will this game match up to Brawl's awesomesauce, my guess is no, already sucks that they don't have Ice Climbers. They oughta quit takin' Nintendo's crap. XP Regardless, I intended to base a lot of themes off Universe for Seven Lights, 'course now I don't really need to, but otherwise it'd feel incomplete. X/ So let the thrashings begin, baby!

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  • Gamewizard2008


    April 4, 2014 by Gamewizard2008

    There are 1,234 pages on this wiki. I think this is a moment we can save. ;)

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  • Gamewizard2008

    It's New Years!!! FOR THE WIKI!!! The edits I did today WERE LAST YEAR!!!!

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  • UchihaKND

    Updates (12\12\13)

    December 13, 2013 by UchihaKND

    It's been a while since I last came on here. I just finished updating my Master Uchiha page and I need to update some more of my pages soon. I'm sorry it took so long for me to do that, and plus, my other OCs need updates, too.

    I'll try to come on here more.

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  • Gamewizard2008

    XD Okay, so I'm in my art class, and our teacher wants us to make a Holiday Greeting Card, relating to Winter, of course! Now here's the story:

    So my teacher asks everyone what their ideas are, and this kid named Chris goes first. So his idea is, like, he's "gonna make a snowmonster infiltrate an igloo..." and everyone laughs, and I can't remember exactly what was after that. But then my teacher asks, "Okay, but what does a snowmonster say?" And then I say, "Raaawwwwrr." and the whole class cracks up! XD

    So then Chris explains more, saying he's "gonna make the snowmonster infiltrate an igloo," and we still laugh, and my teacher questions what that has to do with "warm, holiday feelings", 'cause "infiltrating" is breaking in. Then Chris explains …

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  • Really Big Hat

    i changed up the wiki slightly try to figure it out

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  • KND Operative Numbuh 227

    The is one of my favorite anime songs. It's called True Light and it's the intro theme of the anime DNAngel. Now, while I don't really like the anime, I love the song and I want you guys to hear it and see why I like it. Now In posted the English version and the original Japanese version, both with lyrics. I personally like more the Japanese version but that's my opinion.

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  • Gamewizard2008

    The Legend of Rayman

    September 5, 2013 by Gamewizard2008

    Has anyone here played the new Rayman Legends yet? No. Didn't think so. 'Cause IT IS SO FUUUN!! Especially when playing with my mom. X33

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  • Numbuh 362361


    September 3, 2013 by Numbuh 362361

    I have been dying to know.... Is Operation : R.E.V.E.N.G.E. REAL or not.....???

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  • Numbuh 362361

    Wanted: spoiler

    September 3, 2013 by Numbuh 362361

    Are you excited to know what happens next on Operation: W.A.N.T.E.D.? Need a spoiler or teaser?

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  • CT-4428

    Once More

    August 14, 2013 by CT-4428

    So, I've been thinking about my series of stories. Even though it seems so close to the end, in addition to the remaining 8 chapters in Galactic Endgame, I'd like to do one last 'Tendencies' story. A four to six chapter series, including flashbacks and some other things that will tie into the final three chapters of Galactic Endgame.

    Alright, tell me what you think, should I or should I not?

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  • CT-4428

    Rolling Thunder

    July 28, 2013 by CT-4428

    Update (7/28/2013): I'm back to actively working on my projects, motivation included. I won't post anything until I have three chapters of KND: Galactic Endgame ready. I won't post anything for Ben 10: Unbound until I have two chapters ready. And, I won't start another project until I've met the previously stated requirements. Until then, "Later Days."

    Here's a little sample of what's to come, just for the wiki:

    August 17th

    The Society

    Soulless’ Office

    Soulless, a man who weighed more with metal than with flesh sat in silence behind his desk. In his hands, he held a framed picture of a smiling man and his lovely family. A wife and a daughter, the man had much to smile about. The man in the picture was Dr. Sam Sullivan, a man who’d lost so much …

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  • CT-4428


    July 9, 2013 by CT-4428

    Sorry for my absence here. Sorry for the lack of updates. The reason as to why I haven't exactly been active is that I haven't been motivated to do so. It's been three weeks since I got out of school. All I've wanted to do was relax. I haven't exactly found the inspiration to go full out and Finish the KND: Universe or finish Ben 10: Unbound in one night, but I have enough motivation to get off my lazy aft and work on those Projects, I refuse to leave those unfinished.

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  • Numbuh 362361

    the sequel

    July 3, 2013 by Numbuh 362361

    i have finished my story Rachel's Long Lost Sister. yeah it got a lot of grammar and spelling check,but hey?! im a human nobodys perfect right?

    well this is it i am reveling a new sequel of it! its called operation wanted!







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  • Gamewizard2008

    Super Moon

    June 24, 2013 by Gamewizard2008

    Here's a video of me recording the Super Moon. :3 Which didn't look that big in person, but it was nice. :o3

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  • Numbuh 362361

    really want?

    June 17, 2013 by Numbuh 362361

    if you want to see my stories go to:

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  • Numbuh 362361

    operation wanted

    June 10, 2013 by Numbuh 362361

    operation wanted

    a sequel to rachels lon lost sister.


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  • Numbuh 362361


    May 21, 2013 by Numbuh 362361


    remember the story i made in fanfiction?

    rachels long lost sister

    watch out everbody 

    chapter 9 will be the big revelations!




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  • Numbuh 362361

    im not yet done with the story so bear with me...

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  • Gamewizard2008


    January 24, 2013 by Gamewizard2008

    I got an autographed picture of Peter Griffin... FROM SETH MACFARLANE!! THE SETH MACFARLAAAAAANE!!!!

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  • Gamewizard2008


    December 21, 2012 by Gamewizard2008


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  • Gamewizard2008

    Once A Lifetime!

    December 12, 2012 by Gamewizard2008

    Published on 12-12-2012. ;P

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  • Gamewizard2008

    This March...

    "Gyuhh!..." Miyuki Crystal grunted in pain, the mask taking a strange effect on her form.

    The accursed mask has returned...

    Cheren wandered around a dark cavern, his sword raised. "Miyuki? ...Miyuki, where are you?"

    In the first ever Kids Next Door Nextgen movie...

    "Ages ago, my people created that mask to use as part of their hexing rituals, to punish people." Midna explained. "We sensed an evil power growing within that mask. My people feared that mask, so they sealed it away in shadow forever, to prevent it from being used again."


    "Why would you have something like that in your shop, anyway?!" Aurora asked the Mask Man.

    A new adventure takes a determined operative...

    "Miyuki has escaped into an entirely different dimension," th…

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  • UchihaKND

    Update of 11\27\12

    November 28, 2012 by UchihaKND

    Okay, I've been confused with lately on how I created two different alternatives for Master Uchiha's family.

    Original- Sabrina, Akira, Akio, and Ichiro.

    Alternate- Josephine, Lynn, and Edgar.

    I have no idea how that happened. To make it all cleared out, I'll make the original a back up (since it's not being used at all) and the "alternate" the "original." I'll still put down "alternate" for Josphine, Lynn, and Edgar, because technically, it's alternate compared to the original. 

    Sorry if this confused anyone. I'll just make it clear now, the "alternate" will be the "original," if that makes any sense. Please let me know if it doesn't, and I'll try to help. 

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  • Gamewizard2008


    November 20, 2012 by Gamewizard2008

    It's mine....

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  • CT-4428

    KNDGE Iron

    November 18, 2012 by CT-4428

    Nigel Uno stared into the sky as he lay on his back in a field of tall grass. He blinked. His pupils began to expand. His vision began to blur.

    Deep in the ocean, dead and cast away, where innocence is burned in flames

    Nigel rubbed his eyes, finding himself walking beside a bald man in white robes of Ancient Greek design. Nigel moved in front of the man, waving his arms as he tried to formulate question. The man walked right through Nigel, as if the Bald Brit wasn’t there. Nigel walked alongside the bald man through the remains of a broken and battered archway. He looked up to the sky to find flying chariots raining fire down on the citizens of Athens.

    A million mile from home, I’m walking ahead

    A man wearing black robes and a metal mask walke…

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  • Gamewizard2008

    The new Paper Mario game just came out! It's so fun!! And like classic Paper Mario, you always die in the first level! ;D

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  • CT-4428

    RE: Poll of Survival

    November 1, 2012 by CT-4428

    Well. I closed the poll of Survival on Monday. And because of the results, I can reveal the four/five who will most definately not die in KND: Galactic Endgame.

    Nigel Uno

    Rachel T. McKenzie

    Gwen Tucker


    Rack and Ruin

    These four/five are garunteed not to die in the story. One of the other three will, however, die.

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  • Gamewizard2008

    The showdown against the final boss of Legend of the Eight Firstborn, Final Entity. Play the "His World Final Destination Remix" from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

    Final boss: Final Entity

    The Final Entity sent the first series of meteors at the Avatar-Negatar, the elemental being spinning rapidly to fling them away with his Keyblades. The Supreme God then blew out a row of tornados, catching the Avatar inside, but Kingdom Elements expanded an air barrier to free himself, shooting said barrier at Arceus’s face. Arceus shook his head from the wind as Super Sonic shot forward and dealt several Home Attacks to his face. Super Shadow flew around the god and released Chaos Spears at his form, damaging him from all sides as Final Entity charged up a Hy…

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