Candied Island (sometimes called Candy Island or "The Promised Land") is a legendary island made entirely of candy, and is a holy ground for candy hunters and enthusiasts everywhere. It is the homebase of the Big Mom Pirates, where their captain, Big Mom resides.


Candied Island was first mentioned at the end of Operation: DUTCHMAN, where Black John Licorice declared he and his crew would set off for Candied Island.

In Operation: MASKED, Melissa Gilligan complained at a few points during the Tortuga adventure, why they couldn't go to Candied Island instead.

In Operation: RECLAIM, the Big Mom Pirates gather here to celebrate Big Mom's birthday.

Candied Island plays a prominent role in The Great Candied Adventure. While the Big Mom Pirates are searching the Eight Sugary Wonders, Big Mom conducts their operations from Candied Island.

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