Numbuh 721 was a member of the Prospectors during his time in the KND. His real name was D. Carmine, the

D. Carmine

"Numbuh 721"

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B. Carmine, C. Carmine






Jonah Icarus, Legion, Bob Johnson






Sonar Tactician

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second eldest brother in the Carmine family. Prior to joining the Prospectors, Carmine was a prominent KND scientist who built dozens of weapons for the KND, although many of his weapons were deemed unethical. Carmine was blinded in a lab accident caused by one of his fellow scientists, jealous of how he was unable to create anything that worked. Carmine would then be recruited in the Prospectors, a KND unit led by Numbuh 2030, there Numbuh 2030 would modify Carmines helmet to allow the blinded operative to use echo location to see again.

Carmine appeared in the story Ethics in a flash back where he and the rest of the original Prospectors asked Numbuh 10.01 about his first mission.

Carmine later appeared in "Unseen Event".

His current status is unknown as he wasn't with Josh or Corey with the new team of Prospectors in "Ethics".

After the events of Legend of the Eight Firstborn, Carmine was confirmed Killed in Action after spending a lengthy portion of his time hunting Bob Johnson.

KND: UniverseEdit

Carmine appears in KND: Messiah Complex, revealing fellow operatives held firecrackers to his face, leading to his blindness. Although not appearing physically, in the story 'KND: Aggressive Tendencies' Carmine was revealed to have been killed by Bob Johnson prior to the story's events.


The real world reason why Carmine wasn't with the current team of Prospectors, was because he wasn't thought of yet. The reason for his involvement was so Depthcharge2030 could keep some continuity within his stories between the generations of KND.