Dandy (originally from Space Dandy) is a human bounty hunter that hunts for rare aliens. He is the captain of the Aloha Oe, and currently a member of New Star Wolf.

Nextgen SeriesEdit

Dandy was ordered by John Fett to go after Sector V and bring them down. Dandy destroyed Sector V's transport ship, but they miraculously survived thanks to his power. Later, when they tried to escape Sargasso, he caught Haylee trying to unhook the Aloha Oe, but he decides to help her do so. He allows her to use the Aloha, telling her to take care of it. He also asks Sector V to try and catch the Chameleonian, if they can. During the Invasion of Coruscant, he mistook the fused Gilligan Triplets for an alien and tried to catch them, but they changed back before he could. When Dimentio is freed from the Netherverse, Dandy helps them fly into the storm leading to the Nexus, crashing them through Dimentio's Space Block without a scratch. In the story's conclusion, Dandy took Vendra and Neftin in to be registered, and ended up becoming rich.


Dandy is a charming, early-20s man with a sleek, black pompadour. He wears a red shirt with a dark-gray and white jacket over it. He has black jeans and brown shoes with metal soles and metal toe-ends.


Dandy is a cool, charming man who loves sexy women, occasionally visiting a restaurant called "Boobies". He has a dislike for kids, but was willing to help Sector V after hearing of their tales. He loves to hunt for rare aliens and acquire their bounties, and he's shown to have a deep care for his ship, the Aloha Oe.


Dandy ate the Escape-Escape Fruit, and acquired the ability to get out of any situation unscathed. He once survived blowing up an entire planet thanks to this power. Dandy also possesses unique piloting skills, and is rather profound at space combat in his Little Aloha. He also wields a small laser gun, but isn't the best at aiming with it.


As a Devil Fruit eater, he is unable to swim.


He is the only non-KND ally to consume a Devil Fruit.