Eric Horvitz (Numbuh 3rd-Teen) is the 10-year-old son of Numbuh 13 (Billy Horvitz) and Numbuh 11-Teen (Eliza Cherrybush) in Gamewizard's universe. He works at Sector L as Melody's assistant. He sometimes trips and has bad luck, but not as much as Numbuh 13. Eric is voiced by Billy West, who does his father.
Eric Horvitz


Billy (dad), Eliza (mom)




Melody, Danny


Anthony McKenzie, Nerehc Onu


Melody Jackson


Los Angeles, California




Cameraman of Sector L

Good or Bad?


Hair and eye color:

Brown hair, green eyes.

Nextgen SeriesEdit

His first appearance was in the one-shot "Date?", congratulating Melody on her news segment. He then asked Melody if she would come over tomorrow night and watch Transformers 3, to which she agreed. He then laughed nervously and walked clumsily out, making Melody laugh and him blush.

In The Son of Evil, when Sector L came to Ashland Park to interview Cheren (not knowing he was secretly Nerehc Onu), he attacked them and flicked Eric upside the head, then pushed him down. Eric went with the others to the Canyon of Miracles to stop Nerehc.

In Anthony Ant, Eric was at Moonbase with Melody, and began to record Melody and the shrunken Anthony, when she began a report on the latter.

In Operation: SCARY, Eric dressed as a Cylon for Halloween, then became one for real when the Curse of Monsters was spread. He was then attacked by the creator of Battlestar Galactica, but was saved when the creator and a werewolf hunter (who was chasing Columbine) shot each other.

In The Great Candied Adventure, Eric and friends were shocked to hear Cheren's news of the Apocalypse, but especially Melody.

In Legend of the Seven Lights, to help calm Melody down, Eric and Danny sailed her out to the middle of the ocean for a swim. Eric had packed their swimsuits, but Mel and Danny already dove in as they were, disappointing Eric at not getting to see Melody in a particular swimsuit. An atomic bomb sent by Sheldon J. Plankton suddenly crashes into the sea and explodes, and Eric is washed away on his ship away from Melody and Danny. Eric ends up in Mermaid Swamp, where he is captured by the poisonous mermaids. He greets Melody and Danny when they are captured in the swamp, but after Melody proves herself as the Ocean Princess, Ineptune tells the mermaids to release them. Ineptune shows them around the swamp, and the current monstrous state of Manaphy. When they go to Hideout Helm, Klubba takes them to King K. Rool as he takes Eric and uses him for balloon-animal practice.


Gamewizard submitted Eric to Divagirl362 when she needed OCs for her story, Operation: RUNAWAY. He went with Melody and Danny when they received a call from Noah Gilligan, telling them to come over and discuss something.



Melody JacksonEdit

Eric is Melody's assistant and he has an obvious crush on her. Melody also finds him cute.

Billy HorvitzEdit

Billy is Eric's father. He inherited his bad luck from him, but not as much.

Eliza CherrybushEdit

Eliza is Eric's mom. He's into archaeology and dresses like her.


He wears a redish orange shirt with pockets, like his mom, khaki grey shorts, brown shoes, short brown hair, and has glasses and two buck teeth like both of his parents.



Eric is a very sheepish nerd who can't help himself around pretty girls, like Melody. He gets angry when cuter boys flirt with Melody, and she flirts back.


Eric is very physically weak, and usually gets pushed around by stronger enemies a lot. His main strength seems to be recording, but he trips around on his own shoelaces a lot. However, Eric claims to have his mom's animal-like instincts, which is how he was lured into Mermaid Swamp.

Stories He's AppearedEdit