"May we always be together."

~Susanna Greene to her family.

Fiery Secret was a band formed by Carson and Susanna Greene. Ana, Mary, Justin and Travis also joined the band in later years. Fiery Secret is a band known across the world, such as, England, Japan, India and America.


Crason Greene went to Japan on a trip during the summer and met Akira Hayashi/Susanna. They later got married and had Saki Hayshi/Ana Greene who traveled around the world with her parents. They went to Richmond, Virginia, her father's hometown and met several friends. Later her parents had Justin Greene (was born in Richmond), Hikari Hayashi/Mary Greene (born in Saitama, Japan, like Saki) and Travis Mitchell (born in Richmond, but was put in the adoption center at age 3). When Carson and Susanna Greene died in a car crash, Ana Greene took leadership in the family until they were adopted by the Dicksons.


Ana GreeneEdit

Ana is the the manager and one of the main singers of the group. She sometimes plays the piano, guitar or flute.

Mary GreeneEdit

Mary is the second main singer and will sometimes play the flute or piano.

Justin GreeneEdit

Justin is hardly part of the band and will sometimes sing, but mostly helps figure out the music.

Travis MitchellEdit

Travis is also hardly part of the band, but will sing when he really wants to.

Past MembersEdit

Susanna GreeneEdit

Susanna was a main singer and sometimes played the piano and guitar.

Carson GreeneEdit

Carson was also a main singer and helped figure out the music.