"Do you think he plans it all out? Or just makes it up as he goes along." - Lieutenant Groves

The Kids Next Door Gameverse is the name of Gamewizard2008's series. It is an ongoing, multi-crossover series of many franchises, primarily Kids Next Door, Avatar, One Piece, and other series, too. The very first story of the series, Operation: GALACSIA, was first published March 12, 2011. The series is made of two halves, the First Series (which also includes the original KND cartoon), and the Nextgen Series. The major stories of the Gameverse are written like if it were a videoame, featuring action stages and more.


The Gameverse begins as the Kids Next Door are entering a wide new universe, learning of the existence of alien races, gods, and meeting people with super-powers. As the KND combat more powerful villains and face new challenges, they continue to learn the secrets of the universe, grow stronger individually and as a team, and learn to deviate from their old traditions.

Philosophy of the GameverseEdit

Below are some discussions of major philosophies in the Gameverse, discussed by Gamewizard2008 himself.

Growing Up and ChangeEdit

"One of the core concepts of the Gameverse centers around growing up and evolving from past traditions and learning from past mistakes. When Sector V learned of the Galactic Kids Next Door, it symbolized a massive change in their lives and their very world. Even after Numbuh 1 returned to his friends, the villains grew more dangerous, more powerful, and the crises more threatening.

In fact, do you remember how it took sacrificing an entire Moonbase just to defeat Grandfather?! And it didn't even kill him! It was pure luck that he landed in the decommissioner! Now ask yourself, what if they didn't have a decommissioner handy, what if it didn't even work? What if someone MORE powerful than Grandfather rolled around? It was clear that their 2x4 technology would only take them so far. In order to combat these powerful villains, the KND would have to use their own inherent powers to fight them. And not only that, they would need a handy amount of new friends and allies to help them, whether they be human or alien. It was always stated that Father was the most dangerous villain, but after Nigel and Eva mastered their bending powers, subduing Father was a walk in the park!

The problem is, however, the KND were prejudiced. They were prejudiced against broccoli, adults, handicapped people, and people who were generally "different." These are traits that are shared between kids in the real world. But as we grow older, we learn to abandon these biases and accept that vegetables are healthy for us, we learn that everyone is different in some ways or others, and we learn that things change. That's why, in the current storyline, the KND have stopped shunning vegetables and mindlessly attacking adults. Learning from their predecessors, the KND are willing to grow stronger and eat healthier, and they have become so culturally accepting that almost every sector has at least one non-human operative."

Everyone Has Light and DarknessEdit

"Back in the days of the Firstborn Saga, you could barely go a chapter without the words 'light' or 'darkness' being mentioned. As redundant as it was back then, it continues to be true. All people have positive qualities and negative qualities, and these are reflected in element powers. Even good operatives will give in to their darkness, such as Chris Uno when his Malladus Fury got out of control, or when Karin Kurosaki humiliated Jinta.

However, as we later learn with Nerehc Onu, a person's darkness or negative feelings can also be their strength. Although we can't let our anger get out of control, we should not ignore it entirely. Characters like Nerehc, Gnaa, or even Harvey McKenzie were able to control their inner darkness and use it to benefit their friends. And going back to those three, just because someone seems evil, there may be more to them than we believe.

On the other side, we have characters like Jennifer Bush or her fellow World Leaders who believe they are doing good. The World Leaders believed they were so just in their actions that they refused to look at an alternative."

Rules of the GameverseEdit

  1. There can be NO sad endings in the Gameverse! (However, do not be above killing characters, writing tragic backstories, or having emotional scenes in general.)
  2. There can be NO bias towards any one character or crossover in the Gameverse.
    • Depending on plot relevance and the respective roles (i.e. Firstborn Guardians, Sector Leaders, sidekicks), each character must be given a fair amount of regular screentime.
    • Despite this series being based around the Kids Next Door universe, the KND characters or general concept must be weighted evenly with other crossovers.
    • This rule also applies to viewers who are a fan of a crossover or have an OC in the Gameverse. Remember to acknowledge other characters besides your own. You shouldn't read the series solely for seeing a specific crossover; you need to acknowledge the Gameverse as its own series and not just a fanfiction.
  3. Every character in the Gameverse has a heart, mind, and soul. (However, if a character has no relevance to a story or conflict (i.e. Dib Membrane), they should probably not be added.)
  4. The Gameverse MUST have variety in all areas!
    • Locations: Forests, Deserts, Oceans, Space, City, Caves, Circus - remember the Element Cycle!
    • Weapons or Powers: Bending, Magic, Swords, Guns, Martial Arts
    • Characters: Fighters, Scientists, Cooks, Artists, Pirates
      • Emotions: Strong-willed, weak-hearted, adorable, angry, toneless, serious, funny
  5. Every plot point MUST have an explanation, whether it be how bending works, how magic works, why a character has this power, why a character behaves this way, why did Gamewizard decide on this plot point, etc.. Remember that trivia matters!
  6. Spelling and grammar must be as perfect as possible! And as you're going back and checking them, keep an eye out for plot holes, too.

Fan Stories or IdeasEdit

Throughout the Gameverse's publication, fans have proposed or submitted various stories or ideas that take place in the Gameverse, many of which had varying degrees of quality. In light of this, Gamewizard has certain rules that fan stories should follow:

  1. Any fan story should generally follow the Gameverse rules established above.
  2. Ideally, Gamewizard would like fan ideas to be canon with the series, so as such, they should adhere to the established continuity and avoid making any plot holes.
    • He is open to "AUs" and "what-if" scenarios, but they should still follow the remaining rules.
  3. The writing quality and general tone of fan stories must be on par with the Gameverse's current level. Most modern Gameverse stories range from a PG to a PG13 rating, with a fair mix of light-heartedness and seriousness.
    • An overly light-hearted story that looks like it was meant for kindergarteners may NOT be accepted. Baby shows are so boring~
    • An overly dark story where 100% of the emotion is fear or misery may NOT be accepted. Adult shows are so boring~
    • If the story has good friends poking fun at each other, along with some good angry or tear-jerker moments, it may LIKELY be accepted. Well-balanced things are fun~
  4. Just as well, there should be no fan story that makes the characters too out-of-character, especially one that destroys their development or what was established about them.
    • For example, Chris Uno, in the Newborn Era, is mentally stressed out and unhappy most of the time. Although he still maintains a playful, friendly aura, he would bear some toxicity toward uninformed, non-KND outsiders.
    • If your proposal is, "Can my character be an apprentice to Maddy?" I might say, "Sure, I guess this could work, just keep Maddy in character." But if you also say, "Can he also be a secret son of Ganondorf?" I'll say, "Seriously, this random kid who appears out of nowhere, hell no!"
    • If your proposal is, "I got a cool idea for Angie, but I was thinking of killing her off," I'll say, "Go ahead, I had no more plans for her." But if your idea is, "I didn't like when Nigie died, can I make a story that brings him back?" I'll say, "Not a chance. People die, get used to it. I'd sooner revive the Tallest."
  5. Fan art for the Gameverse generally does not need to follow these rules (so long as there is no story involved), but it should still seek approval from Gamen himself. Regardless of art quality, the concept of the drawing itself should be passable.

List of Stories by YearEdit











List of All ChaptersEdit

  1. Prologue: A New Order
  2. New Friends, New Enemies
  3. Zim Pays a Visit
  4. The Menace of "King" Croacus
  5. Jirachi, the First Operative
  6. Wish Upon a Star
  7. Meet Dib!
  8. The Rocky Relationship of Tak and Zim
  9. Dimentia Talks of Love
  10. The Irken Battleblitz
  11. Luvbi's Negligence
  12. Enter: Star Wolf
  13. The Tale of the Nightmare King
  14. Nigel Shrinks
  15. The Nerd King's Wrath
  16. The Purple Dragon
  17. Ripto's Rage
  18. Unexpected Vacation
  19. Rachel vs. Zim
  20. Rachel Visits
  21. Reunion
  22. Welcome to Nightmare Land
  23. The Nightmare King's Memoirs
  24. Confession
  25. The Invasion
  26. Kidnapping
  27. Dethrone
  28. Zathura
  29. Galaxia's Light
  30. Welcome Home
  31. Prologue: The World of the Demon King
  32. Uncle and Grandpa
  33. Day of the Demon
  34. Fire
  35. I'm Not Scaredy-O
  36. Virginia's Secret
  37. Wordplay
  38. Emerald Flames
  39. The King Has Returned
  40. Violet's Story
  41. The Gateway
  42. Welcome to Hell
  43. The Spirit World
  44. Duel of the Demon
  45. The New King
  46. Prologue: Ten Years Ago
  47. Davy Jones
  48. Ocean Princess
  49. The First Talisman
  50. Cursed Fish
  51. Cousins
  52. Bullies
  53. The Kraken
  54. Black Licorice
  55. Skypia
  56. Davy Jones' Locker
  57. To Your Heart's Content
  58. Samiya
  59. Princess of the Sea
  60. Farewell
  61. Intro: Team Gnaa
  62. Fanny's Anger
  63. The Beach Monster
  64. Saving the Sister
  65. Clash of the Titans
  66. Bonus: My Little Aliens
  67. The Hoagie and the Egg
  68. Intelligence
  69. The Drilovsky Girl
  70. This Egg Fleet's Goin' To War
  71. Operation: DEATH-EGG
  72. Bonus: A New Friendship
  73. Prelude: The Daughter of Evil
  74. Preparations Begin
  75. Lost Pride
  76. Lehcar's Father
  77. Escape
  78. Final Preparations
  79. Prologue: Dawn of the Benders
  80. The Hunted Siblings
  81. Crazy Girls
  82. Kremcroc Rekruitment
  83. Death Egg Duel
  84. The Well of Darkness
  85. Jungle Beat
  86. Lament of the Leaders
  87. Legend of the Eight Firstborn
  88. Celebi, Spirit of Woods
  89. The First Born Caught
  90. Dino Fury
  91. The Long-Lost Princess
  92. Bounty Hunters and Stowaways
  93. Battle Down the Bayou
  94. Ask Malladus
  95. Both Teams Meet
  96. The Hero of Time
  97. Battle in the Skies
  98. New Arrival
  99. Magician Madness
  100. Oceanic Base
  101. Swords Clash and Krems Krash
  102. Jeong-Jeong's Fire
  103. The Forest of Darkness
  104. Psycho Training
  105. Destination: Vaporization
  106. Bumi's Strength
  107. The Yin-Yang World
  108. The Legendary Captain Rourke
  109. Naval Battle
  110. Pakku of the Sea
  111. Land Under the Sea
  112. The Princess Returns
  113. The Adventures of Sandman and Coldman
  114. Return of Meta Knight
  115. Dimentia's Reform
  116. Revitilization
  117. Only A Ghost's Chance
  118. Toxic Love
  119. A Poisonous Date
  120. Dust of the Past
  121. Podrace Pummeling
  122. Siege of Star Station
  123. Dream Phantom
  124. The Past and Now
  125. The Battle Between Dimensions
  126. Separated
  127. Up Sky Pillar
  128. Prisoners of War
  129. The Earth God
  130. City of Wars
  131. GUN's Last Stand
  132. Gnaa's Puppet
  133. The Master Returns
  134. Impending Doom
  135. The Great Rescue
  136. The Negatar's Opposite
  137. Dr. Eggman Has a Great Big Fall
  138. The Spirits' Library
  139. Kam 'n' K. Rool Duel
  140. Night of Gloom
  141. A Wicked Deal
  142. Stolen Time
  143. The Dawn's Arise
  144. Path of Redemption
  145. Revan Bane Sidious
  146. Calling All Heroes
  147. It's Our Show Now
  148. Remaining Hope
  150. Duel of Two
  151. Trials of the Elements
  152. The Trial of Willpower
  153. The Trial of Emotion
  154. The Trial of Knowledge
  155. The True Tale of Arceus
  156. The Holy Triangle
  157. Lost Courage
  158. Ganon Reborn
  159. The War's End
  160. When Darkness Calls
  161. The End of All Worlds
  162. The Scattered Realms
  163. Arceus, Bringer of Apocalypse
  164. Rebirth of God
  165. A New Beginning
  166. First Day
  167. Cherry Cherry Rampage
  168. A More "Awesome" Reputation
  169. Mom's the Word
  170. Bonus: Arorua's Hatred
  171. The Mysterious Door
  172. Big Moms Are Scary
  173. Monster of the Sewers
  174. Mika Saves the Day!
  175. Lightning Battle
  176. Help from the Gods
  177. The Gang
  178. Totally Cursed Out
  179. A Servant's Dream
  180. A Tinker in Time
  181. This Is Halloween
  182. Curse of Monsters
  183. Insanity of Inhumanity
  184. Wiccan and the Broommates
  185. Creepy Coup
  186. Wolf and Monkey
  187. Oogie's Fantastical Dungeon of Death
  188. Happy Holidays
  189. Virtual Paradise
  190. No Glitches Allowed
  191. Reboot and Rebirth
  192. Bonus: Miyuki's Sadness
  193. Prologue: Majora Awakens
  194. Bright Idea's Big Mistake
  195. The Masked Demon
  196. A Brother From Another Dimension
  197. Jungle Slag
  198. A Giant's Call
  199. A Child's Paradise
  200. The Main Attraction
  201. Night of the Were-en
  202. A War Between Wolves
  203. Getting Slagged
  204. Captain Cheren
  205. Miyuki's Choice
  206. A Land of Choppy Animation
  207. The Way of the Ninja
  208. Cheren's Inner Demon
  209. A Land That Once Was
  210. Merida and the Giant
  211. A Giant Reigns Over DunBroch
  212. Operation: Moonfall
  213. Majora's Dream
  214. Cheren, the Fierce God
  215. The Moon Stops
  216. Miyuki Smiles
  217. Planning
  218. Setting Off
  219. The Ways of Pikmin
  220. Strategies
  221. Galactic Kid Council
  222. The Floran War
  223. The Bo-bobo Kempo
  224. Viridi's Last Stand
  225. Chimney, Dreamer of Trains
  226. Aeincha, the Lilliputian Who Was Equal
  227. Aisa, the Nimbi Who Could Fly
  228. Apis, a Christian and Her Beliefs
  229. April, the First and the Last
  230. Gonbe, Little Wanderer
  231. Soccer Star Karin
  232. Yuzu the Sleepwalker
  233. Jinta, the Strongest Boy
  234. Ururu's Feelings
  235. The Star Kodama
  236. Karin Again
  237. 'Twas the Night Before Christmas
  238. Jack Frost
  239. The Unwanted Spirit
  240. A Jolly Man's Dreams
  241. For Whom the Bells Toll
  242. Kuki's Busy Day
  243. Controversial Invention
  244. Doomsday Is Near
  245. A Trip That Goes Wrong
  246. Operation: RECLAIM
  247. Introduction: Big Mom Pirates
  248. Hair Cut Day
  249. Mother's Doll
  250. Legends and Truth
  251. Dance With Me
  252. Hunger Strike
  253. Caesar's Escape
  254. Missing Children
  255. The Search For Dillon
  256. Welcome to Punk Hazard
  257. Caesar's Intention
  258. Punk Hazard Explodes
  259. Mocha's Sacrifice
  260. Good-bye, Punk Hazard
  261. Prologue: The War Within Space
  262. Galactic Anniversary
  263. Caesar Retrieval
  264. The New Chancellor
  265. Mocha, the Big Burden
  266. A Wrinkle in Space-Time
  267. Tachyon's Intention
  268. Back in Time
  269. Mocha's First Match
  270. The Abandoned Orphanage
  271. The Universe's Greatest Bender
  272. Just Business
  273. That's Just Dandy
  274. The Prince of Osiris
  275. Tornadus, the Unlivable Planet
  276. Sunny Excavation
  277. The Smartest Computer in the Universe
  278. Zordoom Prison
  279. Vanellope's Defection
  280. The War That Created Lies
  281. The Zathurians' Greatest Invention
  282. Return of the Cragmites
  283. A Test of Leaders
  284. A Creation's Worth
  285. A Fight on Equal Grounds
  286. The King of Space
  287. Into the Nexus
  288. The Gods Clash Within Space
  289. Destiny Calls
  290. The Lost Recipe
  291. Set Sail Toward Adventure!
  292. Two-Tons' Treasure
  293. A Flavor That Ends All Others
  294. Sheila and the Crystal Marshmallow
  295. The First Explorer
  296. The Emperor of Fear
  297. Cursed Caramels
  298. Humming Ghost
  299. And Then There Were Two
  300. Two Days
  301. Sugary Paradise
  302. A Waste of Money
  303. Three Rounds of Smarts
  304. Cold of the Underworld
  305. The World's Strongest Female
  306. Three Fairies
  307. Dark Magic
  308. What We Are
  309. Experiment
  310. Fairy Heart
  311. To You, A Trillion Years From Now
  312. It Begins With But a Song
  313. A World Under Your Nose
  314. An Unpleasant Surprise
  315. A Real Crazy Weirdo
  316. Pleasure To Make Your Acquaintance
  317. Under the Night
  318. Death of Miyuki
  319. That Promise 300 Years Ago
  320. Let It Go
  321. That Which Should Not Be Named
  322. Where Madness Grows
  323. The Place To Be Tomorrow
  324. Master and Servant
  325. Legacy
  326. Not Even An Ant
  327. Like A Videogame
  328. One Day This Month
  329. The Ninth Firstborn
  330. Symphonia
  331. Flowers and Brambles
  332. Fallen Angel
  333. Strange
  334. Power of Teamwork
  335. False Gibberish
  336. Birka
  337. Your God Spits On You
  338. Rulers of this World
  339. Django's Crew
  340. Gravity Falls
  341. Undersea Sanitization Committee
  342. Mother of Shadows
  343. The Ocean's Bane
  344. The King's Request
  345. Catch Her!
  346. Assimilation and Infiltration
  347. Bubble Dreamer
  348. The Black Queen
  349. Japan vs. America
  350. Kids of America
  351. Forty Seven
  352. That Dream Again
  353. Real Friends
  354. Demon State
  355. The Swamp Prince
  356. The Night Before
  357. The World of Guertena
  358. A Creation's Creation
  359. Ruin of the Heart
  360. Plot Hole
  361. Forgotten and Remembered
  362. Why Wait Later
  363. The Morning
  364. After Noon
  365. Midnight
  366. Hybrid Theory
  367. The Disbanded
  368. Project Daycare
  369. The Land the Gods Forgot
  370. The Keeper of the Keys
  371. The Other One
  372. In a Thousand Nights
  373. Orvus
  374. CP10
  375. Unmasked
  376. Metal
  377. Let's Be Monsters
  378. Blood-Stained Past
  379. Imagineers
  380. All For Nothing
  381. He Who Defies Law
  382. Eleven Days
  383. Let Go of Fear
  384. Galactic BOE
  385. It's Quiz Time!
  386. The God Fruit
  387. Grand Inferius
  388. The Girl With Blue Hair
  389. Beacon of Hope
  390. The Thirteen
  391. What is a Firstborn?
  392. The Opening
  393. It's Our Multiverse Now
  394. The First Dimension
  395. New Galaxia
  396. Bloody Melody
  397. Paradox H.Q.
  398. Big Daddy
  399. Diamond Is Unbreakable
  400. Ari and the Black Forest
  401. Geek Squad
  402. Sleepy Sneak
  403. The Darkness Within
  404. The Thanos Problem
  405. Protector of the Cosmos
  406. Suki's Sadness
  407. Life and Death
  408. Page of Keys and Paint
  409. My Daughter
  410. Over the Ring
  411. Zachary's Wackory Factory
  412. Ice Cream Wonderland!
  413. Weird Happenings
  414. Winds of Truth
  415. Diamond Is Clearly Breakable, Otherwise We Wouldn’t Have Jewelry
  416. Kimaya of the Dead
  417. The Universe Frog
  418. Nerdvana
  419. Fair Game
  420. The Thirteen Xehanorts
  421. Shoosh Pap
  422. Sister
  423. The Universe Restoration Plan
  424. Goddess Hylia
  425. The Last Lunch
  426. The Final Countdown, Part 1
  427. The Final Countdown, Part 2
  428. The Final Countdown, Part 3
  429. The Multiverse Destroyer
  430. Why Didn't His Lordship Love Me?
  431. May We Give Blessings
  432. The Law of all Worlds
  433. Home-Run Debut!
  434. The Race Is On!
  435. Helping Hands
  436. Teamwork
  437. Eve of the Renaissance
  438. The Founding
  439. The Wandless Wizard
  440. Kiki's Delivery Misfire
  441. Ollie and Allie
  442. Rataphilly
  443. Under the Hat
  444. The Nightmare Begins
  445. Together Forever
  446. Dancing With a Queen
  447. The Sisters Project
  448. Evil Twin
  449. His Butler, My Partner
  450. His Butler, An Optimist
  451. Mad Doctor
  452. The Ultimate Life Form
  453. The Tea Party Conspiracy
  454. What the Nightmare King Feared
  455. Nobody's Hero
  456. When Fear Is Irrelevant
  457. Darth Ferior
  458. Who's the Leader?
  459. Carol's Fan
  460. Judgment Day
  461. The Mechanical Marvel
  462. Sheila Schnee
  463. The Earl's Punishment
  464. Stork Family Dessert
  465. True Respect
  466. Uncharted Territory
  467. She Tried
  468. If We Were Different
  469. That Ever Slight Smile
  470. Writer's Block
  471. Sneaky Sucy
  472. Centuries Old Feud
  473. In Return For Our Silence
  474. Keeper of the Stories
  475. The Scattered Pages
  476. "Something"
  477. Die, Big Brother
  478. Wedding Crashers
  479. Prelude to the Wars
  480. Super Planet, Superbia
  481. I'll Help You, Deku-san
  482. Fairy King Eddie
  483. Fantastic Fantasies
  484. A Better Family
  485. Soul Bond
  486. Rage Awakened
  487. It's Over Fifty Thousand
  488. Unbound
  489. Fallen Princesses
  490. With Their Fates In My Hand
  491. The Tale of Princess Sherbet
  492. Akko's Biggest Fan
  493. Mission: Meet the Family
  494. Dinner At Grandma's
  495. Preproduction Begins
  496. Musical Breakfast Friends
  497. Because She Is My Friend!
  498. One Note Musical
  499. Bad End Musical
  500. The Diary of King Kroctus
  501. Rainbow Manky Kong
  502. Escape: Only In Your Dreams
  503. Invisible Hero: Mission Impossible
  504. The Beast King's Den
  505. King of Animalia
  506. The Conquest of Queen Mandy
  507. The Desolation
  508. Thank You, Queen Mandy!
  509. Rely on Kindness
  510. Gratitude Crystals
  511. Gracious Queen Mandy
  512. The Rise of God Skaios
  513. All Day, Every Day
  514. Fun and Games, Thrills and Kills
  515. Will of Rebellion
  516. Faulty Gamble
  517. Inner Conflict
  518. Mutiny
  519. Long Live the Queen
  520. His Loyal Operatives
  521. A Matter of Pride
  522. The Nextgen Pirates
  523. The Brethren Court
  524. Super Mario Sisters
  525. Commence: Operation Rescue
  526. Guiltless Sin
  527. Sweet Reunions
  528. The Spiders' Den
  529. Lie and Truth
  530. Numbuh Gamble
  531. True Love Beyond Death
  532. Serve 'Em Up, Squid Style
  533. Trench Excavation
  534. Of Mice and Monsters
  535. Battle of the Birds
  536. Sin of Treachery
  537. Sin of Arrogance
  538. Hope and Sacrifice
  539. Nextgen Pirates Top Commander
  540. Lunch Break
  541. The Supreme Beings
  542. Breaking Point
  543. Gentle Reassurance

First SeriesEdit

Codename: Kids Next DoorEdit

Created by Tom Warburton, the cartoon series Codename: Kids Next Door is the primary foundation series of the Gameverse, and almost everything that took place within the KND series is canon to the Gameverse in some way. Certain concepts that have appeared, but were unexplained, in Kids Next Door make an appearance in the Gameverse and go into more detail. Examples include Father and Toiletnator's powers (firebending and waterbending), the Eight Sugary Wonders (used to make the Annoying Triplets' cake, which contains a Candy Virus), as well as miscellaneous, minor concepts. The main Gameverse series picks up 3 months after Operation: INTERVIEWS, but the implied canon facts (which were mostly mentioned on the show) that take place after said episode are not canon.

Benders' Dawn SagaEdit

The Benders' Dawn Saga is the first half of Gamewizard's first series. It introduces recurring characters and common themes of the series, such as demons, element bending, and general story parts that are referenced a lot. Gamewizard didn't expect to continue the series after these stories, but they soon led into the Firstborn Saga.

Firstborn SagaEdit

The Firstborn Saga is the second half of the first series, and was the saga that attracted the most attention. It came to be known as the biggest crossover ever, eventually earning Gamewizard his title.

Nextgen SeriesEdit

The Nextgen Series is the second half of Gamewizard's series, set 20 years after the Firstborn Saga, in which all the characters from the first series are adults and have kids, and those kids are the main characters. This was initially a one-shot series and wasn't expected to become a full-fledged series, but it did, and introduced new and intricate elements to the series.

Viridi SagaEdit

The Viridi Saga is the first part of the series, mainly introducing the future kids and getting started on their respective conflicts.

Big Mom SagaEdit

The Big Mom Saga is the second part of the Nextgen Series, and puts more emphasis on story and foreshadowing.

Seven Lights SagaEdit

The Seven Lights Saga is the third part of the Nextgen Series, consisting of mainly Seven Lights. The story is so long, however, it must become its own saga, except for a few flashback stories.

Stories Outside Main UniverseEdit

After Gamewizard became absorbed into other fandoms, he created stories that don't take place in the main Gameverse timeline, which are primarily limited to the characters and canon within that series. The stories can still be considered canon Gameverse stories because of the Original Worlds concept. Here is a list of stories for other fandoms:

Changes in StyleEdit

Throughout the Gameverse series, there have been many occasions where Gamewizard alters the style in how he structures his stories. Whenever he begins using that style on a certain chapter, all chapters before and after that will receive the same treatment. Here are some examples:

  • Operation: GALACSIA, Chapter 12 - Gamewizard begins labeling major battles as "Boss fights."
  • Legend of the Eight Firstborn, Chapter 2 - Gamewizard begins using action stages.
  • Legend of the Eight Firstborn, Chapter 53 - Gamewizard stops using line breaks to separate scenes, and instead names the setting of the new scene.
  • Operation: MASKED, Chapter 20 - Gamewizard begins using two-tiered titles for his chapters, at the top of said chapters, like those used on One Piece. Chapters therefore had two titles then.
  • Legend of the Seven Lights, Chapter 15 - Gamewizard stops using two-tiered titles, and replaces them with the same titles seen on the index.
  • Legend of the Seven Lights, Chapter 29 - Gamewizard starts including cryptograms in his chapters, which usually foreshadow something major. While he does not add cryptograms to previous chapters, new stories that take place earlier in the timeline will have cryptograms.
  • Seven Lights: The Side Stories, Chapter 15 - Gamewizard begins putting a "B-" before the chapter numbers for the Side Stories, much like the action stage numbers already had. (The "B" stands for "Bonus.")


The Gameverse series is one that Gamewizard has been conceiving for many years, but was in little bits and pieces in his mind. Throughout his life, he's gone through several fantasy phases that involved crossovers of series he's liked. One phase was focused on Kingdom Hearts and traveling to many worlds, and recent ones were focused on Pokémon, and the Eight Pokémon Firstborn. Several past phases were focused on the Brotherhood of Evil, and their gathering many villains from various worlds. Almost every element from his past fantasies, namely the Firstborn and Brotherhood, played some part in his series.

Gamewizard was ultimately thinking up his series when he discovered FanFiction and got back into Kids Next Door. His original story, GALACSIA, was meant as his way of making a better ending to KND than INTERVIEWS did. The plotline went through several phases before he made what he did. He was debating whether or not to continue the series, but created ANCESTOR, which was his idea of what the Uno Family was like. He then created DUTCHMAN, which depicted his idea of Eva Roberts having some relation with the ocean and Merpeople. Following was originally a story featuring Ganondorf, in which he slew a bunch of people to anger Nigel in the hopes of challenging him. That story was scrapped and the usage of Ganondorf played a major part in Firstborn.

Friends and AcquaintancesEdit

As Gamewizard developed his series, he met several friends on FanFiction, who either wanted their characters featured in the series, or Gamewizard asked for them himself. Thanks to all the OCs acquired, many new ideas and adventures sprung forth to further expand the series. While some characters, be they OCs or crossovers, played only minor roles in their appearances, they eventually had major importance within the grand scheme, such as giving birth to important future kids.

Among these friends, three of them, Dynamite Girl, Numbuh 6.13, and Depthcharge2030, created their own stories and characters that connected with the Gameverse. While most of these friends vanished or stopped reading, their characters still play a part in the series.

OC contributorsEdit


The Gameverse became one of the longest and most popular crossover series on FanFiction, earning many reviews or favorites, mainly depending on the stories.

The Benders' Dawn Saga had mixed reception at first, as the stories lasted too shortly, written too quickly, and became sort of repetitive in the plot, but people agreed it was a good start to the whole series, and the rewritten versions have made it much better.

The Firstborn Saga was met with the greatest acclaim, due to the wide variety of crossovers, much more complex stories, and the conflicts regarding most of the characters, and their interactions with the crossovers. However, people complained some of the characters were underdeveloped and underused, and Gamewizard has acknowledged these facts, and wishes he used them more. He also wished to alter some of their conflicts, but at the same time, he believes some of these conflicts and traits are what made his characters classic in regards to his series' beginning, and wishes to keep some of them as they are.

The Nextgen Series was also received well, because of the likable future kids, and a storyline that adds to the complexity of his series. However, there is disappointment in the lack of crossovers, and how there are far too many One Piece or Kid Icarus crossovers in the new series, leaving little room for other series. By the time of stories like the Big Mom Saga or Legend of the Seven Lights, the story began to get much more intense, and readers praised the more sophisicated dialogue and action scenes.


"When I decide to put crossovers in my stories, it isn't a matter of which series I like better or favor over others. Usually, if an idea pops into my head regarding any crossover, and it works with my series, then I will add it. And the way I decide to utilize my crossovers in this manner, I think it's what makes this one of the more brilliant and original series in the Crossover genre." -Gamewizard2008

The Gameverse has a tremendous variety of crossovers, whether they are from cartoons, anime, games, books, or other. The series takes inspiration from Kingdom Hearts and Super Smash Brothers, as it involves crossover characters and OCs interacting with one-another in many fashions.

The Gameverse is also not dependent on any canons or continuities established in crossover series, unless they correlate with Gamewizard's ideas and plotlines.

List of CrossoversEdit

  • Codename: Kids Next Door
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Teen Titans
  • Star Wars
  • Invader Zim
  • One Piece
  • Fairy Tail
  • Naruto
  • Bleach
  • Steven Universe
  • Gravity Falls
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Pokémon
  • Super Smash Bros.
  • Kid Icarus
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Harry Potter
  • Disney Movies
  • Ratchet & Clank
  • Family Guy
  • Futurama
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Super Mario
  • Star Fox
  • Kirby
  • Rayman
  • Ape Escape
  • Spyro
  • American Dad

Non-canon events in crossoversEdit

Almost all events that happened in the different crossover series, such as the events of the KND series, is canon to the Gameverse. However, there are certain times in those series that doesn't happen in the Gameverse, as they clash with the story or timeline.

  • Codename: Kids Next Door - Anything that was said to happen after Operation: I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S. (i.e. Harvey's decommissioning, Nigel returns as an adult) does not happen, including any "Stop the GKND" revelations. However, Kuki/Wally and Hoagie/Abby get married, and Kuki becomes President of Rainbow Monkey Corp..
  • The Legend of Korra - Books 2 and on of The Legend of Korra are non-canon because of Avatar Wan's existence and purpose, as the first Avatar in the Gameverse was Captain Planet, whose powers were granted by Arceus. In Korra, Wan's powers were granted by Light Spirit, Raava. It's unknown if Book 1 is non-canon, since Tarrlok appeared in Firstborn, but this may've been a non-canon tribute/reference to the show.
  • Ratchet & Clank Future - The Future Trilogy is non-canon due to Percival Tachyon's existence in Polaris Galaxy, and his hunting the Dimensionator, a weapon created by the Lombaxes. In the Gameverse, Tachyon conquers Galaxia, and the Dimensionator was made by the Zathurians. Also, A Crack In Time doesn't happen because the Great Clock is run by Clockwork and Jagar in the Gameverse, and not Orvus or Clank. However, Clank still keeps the identity of "Orvus" in the series.
  • Gravity Falls, Season 2 - While the first season's events are canon to the Gameverse, as Gideon and Bill are known by Sector GF, the 2nd season is non-canon, because the story regarding The Author, the Multiverse Portal, and Bill's origins are different.
  • Ape Escape series - The general Ape Escape series is non-canon because the conflict with Specter originated in Germany with Adams Tech Co. in the Gameverse, and said company has no connection with the Ape Escape crew.


  • The name "Gameverse" wasn't established until about late 2014, the 4th year of production.
    • The denizens of the universe almost never actually refer to the universe as the Gameverse, and the term is usually used by outsiders.
  • A recurring gimmick in the original KND cartoon is how many protagonists are related to villains. This is also a recurring twist in the Gameverse.
  • The crossover series is meant to take after Kingdom Hearts, in the sense it has a variety of crossovers and original characters, and Smash Bros. Brawl, relating to how the crossovers or OCs fight with or against one another.
  • The Nextgen Series began to take more after One Piece in regards to how the story is told, and also certain characters in a story fighting with certain villains, when there are a lot of villains in a group. Gamewizard believes the overall story quality of his series became much greater after he started watching One Piece.
  • The Gameverse brought several readers to write their own stories. So other universes emerged, like the Fanverse, the Kanonvers and the Omniverse (which is similar to the Gameverse in minor aspects).
  • All stories of the Gameverse combined are over 4,800,000 words long. If all of the Gameverse was just one massive fanfiction, it would be the longest fanfiction ever written.
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