Ape King Gaul

Gaul, the Ape King

Gaul (originally from Spyro: The Eternal Night) is the Ape King that made his home on Mt. Gnaa with his Demon Apes, who are the Negative Rainbow Monkeys. When the gods trapped Lord Gnaa in his well, Gaul and the apes were the first ones to be influenced by his darkness and they serve as his main henchmen. According to Eggman, Gnaa relies on the apes to bring him food.

Firstborn SagaEdit

Gaul's first appearance was in Operation: DUTCHMAN, at the end telling the other henchmen to quiet down and let the Master speak. Gaul could also be seen in the background sitting in a throne in other stories, during scenes with Lord Gnaa and the henchmen.
Spyro - The Eternal Night Soundtrack - Gaul

Spyro - The Eternal Night Soundtrack - Gaul

Gaul's Theme

At the end of "Ethics", Gaul dragged Figure to Lord Gnaa and The Brain on Mt. Gnaa, where Gnaa ordered his apes to kill Figure.

Gaul was with the many others of Gnaa's legions at the end of Final Preparations, cheering alongside his apes.
Spyro - The Eternal Night Soundtrack - Gaul 2

Spyro - The Eternal Night Soundtrack - Gaul 2

Giga Gaul

In Legend of the Eight Firstborn, it's revealed that Gaul and his apes are the Negatives of the Rainbow Monkeys. They were originally called "Rainy Monkeys", but thought that name was too kiddish, so Negatar Gnaa called them the Demon Apes, which they liked. At the beginning of the Climax Saga, when Lord Gnaa lured Morgan to his lair, after Morgan's refusal to join Lord Gnaa, he sent Gaul to attack her and The Quads. When they were besting him in the fight, Lord Gnaa used his Keyblade to turn Gaul into a giant, in which Morgan battled him alone using Grim's scythe to fly. When Gaul was defeated, he shrunk back to normal. He pleaded his master to forgive them as Grim used his powers to turn Gaul into stone, afterwards shattering him.


Gaul is a ruthless, ravenous ape who is very loyal to Lord Gnaa. He followed Gnaa's orders even if it meant death. He was sorry to Gnaa for failing him in the end.


Gaul wields two dual swords, and combined with his gorilla strength, he proved a formidable force. After becoming imbued with Gnaa's darkness, he grew into a giant, and was able to spin like a tornado and pull things in.

Stories He's Appeared InEdit


  • Even though he's apparently a Negative, he's the only one with a seemingly normal name, not a backwards spelling.