Greyson Oskar "Sonny" Lucas Anderson is the 7-year-old son of Darryl Anderson and Alice Lucas. He's the youngest child out of two brothers and one sister. He is set to appear in Future Kids RPs of Eric Cartman forever's, and he chooses not to be KND operative, too. 

Greyson Oskar "Sonny" Lucas Anderson

Basic info

Name: Greyson Oskar Lucas Anderson

Age: 7

Gender: Male

Birthday: July 1

Exists: Future RPs, Future Kids RPs, and is not alternate.

Family: Darryl Anderson, Alice Lucas, Mikey Anderson, Madison Anderson, Dexter Anderson, Elise Lucas (grandma), Simon Lucas (grandpa).

Heritage: American

Language(s): English


Sonny has short, bright blonde hair with green eyes. He dresses similar to his elder brother, Dex, but differently.

He usually wears lighter t-shirts while Dex prefers darker t-shirts, but they both wear My Little Pony characters on their shirts.

He wears light T-shirts with Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle on them, usually he wears (out of choice) Mikey's old black jeans, and white Nike shoes. He prefers his brothers' old clothes, rather than new ones.


Sonny wants to be just like Dexter, and he does that by following Dex's examples and liking what Dex likes and doing what Dex likes. Even when he doesn't like it, he'll force himself to like it.

Sonny always follows Dex's example, such as if he doesn't like the KND and didn't join, Sonny doesn't join or like it. He will try his best to like what Dex likes and what interests him instead of being an individual.

When it comes to personality, Sonny seems like a copycat of Dex, but really he does differ in different ways from his brother. Such as not getting involed in their parents' decisions, lets people think they want to, thinks before he acts, hates keeping things from his parents, and he is very dependent on adults.

He publicly wears My Little Pony clothes, and like Dex, he isn't afraid to tell people he likes MLP.

How Much Sonny Likes My Little PonyEdit

Dexter introduced MLP to Sonny, and after that, the two became even closer! Sonny and him like to collect MLP merch and MLP is always on TV in the house, which drives Mikey and Madison crazy. At home, he likes to talk about MLP with Dex and it's always a topic in the Anderson home.

Like Dex, Sonny does publicly talk about MLP and he likes meeting people who share his opinion of MLP. He doesn't like to convince others to understand or like it, but enjoys it himself and doesn't want to force things on people.



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  • Elise Lucas - Grandmother
  • Simon Lucas - Grandfather
  • Billi Demary - Great aunt
  • Andy Demary - Great uncle