New Moonbase

The New Kids Next Door Moonbase

The Kids Next Door Moonbase is the most important base in the KND. It was built twice. The first one was destroyed in the battle against Grandfather, and a second one was built. The Moonbase was run by the most high ranking operatives and was the home of the Supreme Leader, Numbuh 362.

Teams and GroupsEdit

Global CommandEdit

The Kids Next Door Global Command is the team of officers that run the Moonbase. They send mission specs to Earth Sectors, and are also in charge of filing decommissioning reports, keeping track of operatives' birthdays and ages so they'll know when time comes for decommissioning.
Moon Base

The Old Kids Next Door Moonbase

Nextgen SeriesEdit

The Nextgen Series features a new Global Command team, who were mostly the children of the first team.

  • Numbuh 3621 - Supreme Leader. Son of Numbuh 362.
  • Numbuh 860 - Global Tactical Officer/Second-in-command. Daughter of Numbuhs 86 and 60.
  • Numbuh 686 - Head of Decommissioning. Numbuh 860's brother.

Decommissioning SquadEdit

The Decommissioning Squad is a team on Moonbase who are ordered to capture rogue operatives or 13-year-olds scheduled for decommissioning.

Nextgen SeriesEdit

  • Numbuh 686 - Head of Decommissioning. Numbuh 860's brother.
  • Numbuh 59+58 - Pilot/Decommissioner. Son of Numbuhs 58 and 59.
  • Numbuh 58x59 - Pilot/Decommissioner. Numbuh 59+58's sister.


Leader's OfficeEdit

The Leader's Office is where the Supreme Leader runs operations and signs paperwork. The desk has a laptop and several files of KND laws and operative records.


Operatives often come to the cafeteria to socialize with kids from other sectors over lunch. The cafeteria sells meatball sandwiches among other foods.


Operatives come to the gymnasium to exercise with the equipment, spar with one-another, and hone their combat skills.

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