The Lord of the Marsh was the guardian entity on Mars, and protector of the Crystal Marshmallow. It was the boss of Marshmallow Mayans in The Great Candied Adventure.

Battle LayoutEdit

The characters must trick the Lord into throwing rocks at the enclosed crystals, breaking the Branchmallows free. When the Lord throws exploding rocks, they must set the Branchmallows on the scorch marks to melt them. Sheila can pick up the melted Branchmallows and throw them against the Lord's two small eyes. Its center eye will open. They must trick the Lord into throwing exploding rocks at a large crystal to expose a Mega Marshmallow. Sheila can bounce on it, go above the monster's eye, and Ground Pound to damage it.

The kids must use the Mega Marshmallow to bounce up to the second floor. Red water will rise from below, and the kids must jump on the marshmallows floating in it. When the Lord tries to suck them in, Kirie must throw her fans at its uvula. It will cease and splash the water, propelling them upward. Sheila must punch the uplifted marshmallows into the tikis in the walls. They will blow white gum, which Sheila can maneuver toward the Lord's eyes and blind him. When the center eye opens, Sheila must ride the bubbles above it and Ground Pound, dealing another hit.

The kids must climbed the jagged wall to the next floor after the Lord breaks the wall. Sheila must hold her Solar Fists above to absorb the sunlight, avoiding the Lord's attacks as it charges. Once finished, Kirie will propel Sheila and Mason upward, and Mason will whirl Sheila around and throw her to the monster's eye. The Lord will spit out the Crystal Marshmallow and sink into its flooded hole.


The Lord of the Marsh is a large, green alien with many tentacles, and a mouth. It has a large, middle eye on an antenna, and two smaller, similar eyes on the sides.


The Lord uses its tentacles to grab and throw rocks at its enemies. He can spit out exploding rocks that scorch the ground upon contact. He can force his home chasm to flood with red water, and he can suck that water in with his enemies on it.


The Lord of the Marsh can be blinded when melted Branchmallows are thrown onto his eyes. He also gets distracted by money.


  • The Lord of the Marsh must be nearsighted, as he wanted to use Carol's money to buy contact lenses.