"May we always stay true."

-Emi Fujihara to the membrs of Momoiro Heart.

Momoiro Heart is a band formed by Akiko Miyazaki, Emi Fujihara, Chiharu Hashimoto, Kimiko Sakimoto, Midori Miyamoto and Saki Hayashi to give them something to do.


Saki, Akiko, Kimiko, Chiharu, Emi and Midori were at the dance studio that Ayame owned and they decided that they wanted to create a band, they just didn't know that it would become the most famous band in Japan.

They practice at Ayame's dance studio and also practice their Martial Arts skills at Ayame's dojo. They all met when they were six, but didn't create the band until they were eight. They attend Omiya Kita, a school in Saitama, Japan.


Saki HayashiEdit

Saki Hayashi is Ana's Greene's real name. It is also her Japanese name when she goes to Japan. She is the leader of Momoiro Heart and her official color is red.

Midori MiyamotoEdit

Midori Miyamoto is the most friendliest girl in the band. Her official color is yellow.

Kimiko SakimotoEdit

Kimiko Sakimoto is the most understanding in the group. Her official color is green.

Emi FujiharaEdit

Emi Fujihara is the funniest one in the group. Her official color is pink.

Chiharu HashimotoEdit

Chiharu Hashimoto is the most outgoing in the group. Her official color is purple.


Takeshi NakashimaEdit

Takeshi Nakashima is the assisstant manager and is extremely close to Saki. He later becomes manager after Ayame Hayashi becomes an actress.

Ayame HayashiEdit

Ayame Hayashi is Saki Hayashi's Aunt and Ayaka Hayashi's mother. She is the manager, but is later hired to become an actress.

Later MembersEdit

Ayaka HayashiEdit

Ayaka Hayashi is Ayame's daughter and is really close to Saki. She is the most enthusiastic of the group. Her official color is orange

Hikari HayashiEdit

Hikari Hayashi is Saki's sister. She is the most sweetest of the group. Her official color is light brown.

Past MembersEdit

Akira HayashiEdit

Akira Hayashi is the mother of Saki and Hikari. She used to be the manager until she died.

Akiko MiyazakiEdit

Akiko was the sub-leader and her official color was light blue. She is very helpful. She graduated in September of 2011.


  • Momoiro means pink in Japanese.
  • The members of Momoiro Heart will come to Virginia several times.
  • There is a chance that Momoiro Heart will never break up.
  • They attend school during week days and perform during the weekends.
  • During the summer, they perform almost everyday, but still have spare time.
  • After Akiko graduated they change the name to Momoiro Heart Z.
  • Erena Hayashi becomes a member in January of 2012.
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