Numbuh 56 was the sector leader of Sector IT in Italy, and she had an Italian accent. She was the only girl in the sector and possibly the only girl sector leader. 56 was present the KND Moonbase when she ran for the new Supreme Leader in the Elections. All of Sector I and some other operatives voted for her, but Numbuh Infinity got more votes and beat her.

After losing the election, she was so angry that she betrayed the Kids Next Door and gave away some information to the Teen Ninjas, which was the passwords and code locks to the KND Bank, the source of money that is used to make and buy parts for vehicles used by the KND.

After that, the KND lost a lot of money, but stopped the Teen Ninjas by tracing where the hacking was coming from. Numbuh 56 was caught and the KND Global News announced what she did, which led to further discouragement of girl sector leaders.