The Raccoon Pirates were a pirate crew captained by "Golden-Fist" Marine the Raccoon, sometime between the Firstborn Saga and Nextgen Series. While her first crew was disbanded, her daughter, Sheila, and her friends at former Sector V became the New Raccoon Pirates. Their ship is the Sunny Day.

Raccoon Pirates


Marine the Raccoon


Old Crew: Marine, Henrietta

New Crew: Sheila, Chris, Aurora, Mason, Haruka, Kirie, Dillon, Harry, Artie, Haylee, Carol


Jessie and Sandy Sidney


Big Mom Pirates, Boogey Pirates, Ice Cream Men, World Government


Have adventures, find the Eight Sugary Wonders


Sneaky Dinga (old), Sunny Day (new)



Good or Bad?


Main ethnicity:

Mobians (old), Humans (new)

First appearance:

The Great Candied Adventure (2014)


Old CrewEdit

Marine the RaccoonEdit

"Golden-Fist" Marine was the Captain of the crew, and earned a reputation as an infamous pirate.

Henrietta von MarzipanEdit

Henrietta was a candy hunter who joined the crew for a short time.

New Raccoon PiratesEdit

The New Raccoon Pirates were formed by Nextgen Sector V, after they disbanded from the Kids Next Door to stop the Big Mom Pirates.

Sheila FranticEdit

"Sunny-Fist" Sheila is the captain, and daughter of Marine the Raccoon. She is a half-human half-Mobian raccoon, and the strongest of the crew.

Aurora UnoEdit

Aurora is the Vice-Captain, and formerly Sector V's leader.

Chris UnoEdit

Chris is Aurora's brother, and the chef of the crew, although he never had culinary training.

Mason DimalantaEdit

Mason is the Supplier of the crew, in charge of packing food or beverages, such as soda. He is a poisonbender.

Haruka DimalantaEdit

Haruka is Mason's sister, and the doctor of the crew. She uses her poisonbending and parasite powers to heal the crew's sicknesses.

Harry, Artie, and Haylee GilliganEdit

The Gilligan Triplets; Harry is the musician, Artie is the scientist, and Haylee is the carpenter/helmsman.

Dillon YorkEdit

Dillon is the crew's spy, an easy task thanks to his shadowbending. His shadow's name is Mario.

Kirie BeatlesEdit

Kirie is the Tactician, a mute girl who speaks in sign-language.

Carol MastersonEdit

Carol is the Treasurer, and the only member not from Sector V or KND. She is the richest girl in Virginia, and wishes to join KND after their pirating adventures.

Stories They AppearedEdit