The Sunny Day is the pirate ship sailed by the New Raccoon Pirates, formerly Sector V before they disbanded from the KND. They sailed it across Earth's seas to find the Eight Sugary Wonders before the Big Mom Pirates.

Nextgen SeriesEdit

In The Great Candied Adventure, the Sunny was constructed by Marine the Raccoon within a single night, using materials paid for by Carol Masterson, in exchange that she join the Raccoon Crew. The New Raccoon Pirates sailed it all across the sea, to Sugar Deserts, Mountain of Flavors, Chocolate Island, and so on, all the while battling the Big Mom Pirates and other sea creatures.


The Sunny is an auburn-colored ship with golden edges, railings, and deck, made of the finest wood and material. Its three masts are made of gold-colored wood, with pure white sails, and the center mast, above the crow's nest, had a black flag with a skull with a captain's hat and raccoon ears and features. The keel also had a smiling, brown raccoon's head. The words Sunny Day are written across the back in gold letters.

Stories It's AppearedEdit


  • The Sunny Day is named after the Thousand Sunny from One Piece.